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Below are projects I created between 2009 and 2012.


The bigger the better project
Musichackday Amsterdam

2012. Wooah. I was impressed, when I first visited the website that invited to #musichackday Amsterdam this year. They listed 17 APIs to hack with. Way more then 2 years ago. OVERSUPPLY!

I instantly had a picture of a huge sandwich in my mind. A huge sanwich is fun to make but hard to eat. You might have seen a huge-burger creation video on youtube before.
My plan was to create a hack and work with all available APIs.

Good bread + fillings sum up to a great taste. I also realized, that a sandwich is a great metaphor for a compilation of different ingredients that sum up to a great taste, if the recipe is right.

I design Soundwich as a recipe creator. People will be able to create sandwiche recipe for their friends. These soundwich-recipes take data and process them through modules that are rendered as the filling of the sandwich.

To demo the idea a create a huge Soundwich called "Amsterdam Dagwood" that uses a lot of different apis and ends with a soundcloud song. Have fun!

Enough talking: Check out Soundwich

Demo Soundwiches:
Big Amsterdam Dagwood
Double Monsieur
Paddington Lyrics

Built with

Backbone.js, APIs by Echonest, Soundcloud,, Musixmatch, Musicmetrics + Drinkify

Additional Links

Source Code on github
Musichackday Amsterdam

Thank you

Musichackday Amsterdam, C.R. for food interface inspiration, all creators of the great tools i used.